Old Milverton Horticultural Show

Old Milverton Horticultural Show

Guidelines for Exhibitors

Vegetables: generally avoid splits, pest or disease damage; samples evenly sized. Where applicable e.g. cabbage, preserve 'bloom'.

Carrots, Parsnips and Beetroot: remove soil and cut off tops leaving 7.5cm (3”) leaf stalks.

Onions and Shallots: well-ripened bulbs not stained; avoid thick necks and over skinning; trim roots neatly to base plate.

Marrows: uniform in size, shape and colour.

Runner and French Beans: slender, straight, no outward sign of prominent seeds.

Potatoes: clean and unblemished.

Tomatoes: even-sized fruits, ripe but firm with calyces stalks.

Fruit: with stalk and bloom preserved (un-polished).

Peppers, hot (chilli) or sweet: fresh bright fruits with clear skins of a colour according to cultivar.

NOTE: Based on RHS Horticultural Show Handbook ISBN 0 906603 730.

Rules and Conditions Governing the Show

The Committee, which is the sole and final arbiter in all matters arising from their application, draws your attention to the following rules and conditions governing the Show:

  1. All exhibits must be the property and production of the exhibitor in all classes. NB: infringements will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees for the relevant classes.
  2. Exhibitors are restricted to one entry in each class.
  3. The Committee has the right to visit and inspect, by commission, the gardens and allotments of any exhibitor at any time between the date of entry and the day of the Show, or within 72 hours of the close of the Show if an objection is lodged under Rule 4.
  4. Objections must be made in writing to the Secretary before 4.00 pm on the day of the Show, accompanied by a fee of £1.00.
  5. The Committee reserves the right, should the judges so recommend, to limit the awards in any class if the number of entries or the quality of the exhibits is insufficiently high, or to increase the awards if this is justified.
  6. All entries must be made on the form provided and A SEPARATE ENTRY FORM must be used for each exhibitor. Entry fees must accompany entrance forms, 50p per entry; Junior classes (60 - 74) and Family /Group entries (58 & 59) free. All entrants (apart from Junior & Young Adult classes) must be a current member of OMHSS.
  7. Entry forms must be submitted by 6 pm Friday 4th September 2020.
  8. Exhibits must be brought 8.30-11.00 am on Show Day and may also be brought between 6.00 -7.00 pm Friday evening.
  9. No exhibit or prize may be removed before 4.15 pm on Show Day. Exhibits not removed by 4.30 pm will be sold unless clearly marked ‘NOT FOR SALE' but MUST in any case be removed by 5.30 pm. Prize money may be claimed from the Treasurer after 4.30 pm and up to 6pm. Any prize money not claimed after this time will be assumed to be donations to the Society.
  10. The Committee accepts no liability for loss or damage to property however caused.

A group entry will be welcome in any class from any organisation approved by the Society. However, this entry will not be eligible for points to win cups or the Banksian Medal.