Old Milverton Horticultural Show

Old Milverton Horticultural Show

Vegetables | Fruit | Flowers | Flower Arranging | Home Produce | Handicraft | Photography | Families and Groups | 7 years and under | Age 8-10 years inclusive | Age 11-15 years inclusive | Under 18 years

First Prize £2.00

Second Prize £1.00

Third Prize 50p

Group/Family entries (classes 57 & 58) are not eligible for prize money.


  1. Onions, 3 trimmed or untrimmed grown from either seed or sets
  2. Runner Beans, 5
  3. Shallots, 12
  4. Cucumbers, 3 - may be shown with or without flowers attached
  5. Beet, 3 globe or long, any colour
  6. Longest runner bean
  7. French beans, 6
  8. Carrots, 3 any type or length
  9. Marrows, pair for table
  10. Potatoes, 4 any one variety
  11. Ugliest vegetable
  12. Tomatoes, 6 fruits
  13. Heaviest pumpkin
  14. Unusual colour or shape of tomato, 3 fruits
  15. Leeks, 3 any variety, trimmed
  16. Parsnips, 3 any variety
  17. Peppers, hot(chilli) or sweet, 5 any variety
  18. Corn, 3
  19. Vegetable, not listed above, one variety


  1. Apples, 5 cooking
  2. Apples, 5 dessert
  3. Fruit, not listed above, one variety


  1. Chrysanthemums, 3 sprays, any variety
  2. Bunch of garden flowers
  3. Roses, 3, any variety or varieties, in a vase
  4. 3 stems of flowers grown from corm, bulb or rhizome e.g. Gladiolus or Dahlia
  5. Dahlias, 3, any variety, in a container
  6. Pot plant in flower
  7. One cut sunflower in a container

Floral Art

  1. 'Petite'. Arrangement of flowers and / or foliage in a teapot.* 23cm x 23cm x 23cm.
  2. 'A Day at The Races'. Arrangement of flowers and / or foliage.* 46cm x 46cm. Height unlimited.
  3. 'Cake'. Flowers and / or foliage on a cake stand.* Oasis and fresh flowers to be used. 46cm x 46cm. Height unlimited.
  4. ' Framed'. Arrangement using flowers and / or foliage.* 33cm x 33cm x 33cm.
  5. ' Baby Blue' or 'Baby Pink'. Arrangement of flowers and / or foliage. 46cm x 46cm. Height unlimited.

NOTE: *Can be brought already arranged.

Home Produce

NOTE: exhibitors must provide a cling film or plastic covering for all items in this section, which must not impede sampling by the judges.

  1. Victoria Sandwich* (male & female bakers)
  2. Tray bake, 6 slices of one sort e.g. flapjacks, brownies etc.
  3. Sweet tart or pie - using short crust pastry*
  4. Cheese scones*
  5. Novelty cake to be judged on decoration
  6. Gluten free cake
  7. Home made bread, can be including classic artisan and flat bread
  8. Cake containing vegetable(s)**
  9. Jam, jar of home-made**
  10. Marmalade, jar of home-made**
  11. Chutney, jar of home-made**

NOTE: Items will be tasted for judging.

*Using recipe provided

**Clearly labelled with name of produce and date made.


  1. Item of needlework - display folded size no larger than 30cm x 40cm; (will be unfolded for judging)
  2. Hand knitted or crocheted item
  3. Upcycled item
  4. Painting, any medium, max size 45cm x 35cm
  5. Decorated plant pot
  6. Any other handicraft


Single photographs max size A4 (21cm x 30cm.)

  1. Nature
  2. People
  3. Artistic Angle
  4. View
  5. Photograph with caption!

NOTE: All photographs taken by exhibitor; one photograph per entry.

Families and Groups

  1. Holiday collage
  2. Fruit / vegetable sculpture

Junior and Young Adult Classes

7 years and under

  1. "Ugly Bug" made from fruit and/or vegetables
  2. Painting or drawing
  3. Decorated digestive biscuit(s) maximum 5 - see note
  4. Photograph taken by exhibitor
  5. 'On the Beach' collage

NOTE: Covered with cling film

Age 8 - 10 years inclusive

  1. Painting or drawing "My Favourite Thing(s)"
  2. 5 handmade, decorated cupcakes
  3. Photograph taken by exhibitor
  4. 'Picnic' collage
  5. "Ugly Bug", made out of edible ingredients

Age 11 - 15 years inclusive

  1. Signature bake - family cake or minimum 5 pieces if cupcakes/biscuits/tray bake - see note
  2. Decorated egg
  3. Photograph taken by exhibitor
  4. Painting or drawing
  5. Decorated plant pot

NOTE: Covered with cling film

Under 18 years

Young adults under 18 years are invited to enter any category within the adult section of the show free of charge. Must state age and date of birth on entry form.

NOTE: Ages of children and young adults MUST be shown on entry forms. Age limits for classes are for age on Show Day.